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47 Share 2014 CCKorea Conference Content imagefile
3264 2014-09-19
2014 CCKOREA international Conference"Share Everything Connect Everything" Dear Participants of 2014 CCKorea Conference, We would like to thank you for participating CCKorea Conference . The confere...
46 2014 Creative Commons Korea International Conference image
8120 2014-08-27
2014 Creative Commons Korea International Conference Now is the age of sharing. The whole globe is connected, even things are connected now. The power of sharing and connectivity that techology carries ...
45 Seoul City Government Is Sharing Documents with the Public image [87]
46750 2013-11-14
 Comments of Editor: The current Mayor of Seoul City, Won-Soon Park, is passionately practicing Open Government. (You may have heard of his name, he spoke at 2013 CC Asia-Pacific Conference in Korea bef...
44 CC Spread Mob (After story report & how-to) image [1]
14593 2013-11-13
CC Korea(Creative Commons Korea) celebrated seven days in Fall, from Oct 25 to Nov 1, as "Share Week." During the week, many sharing culture organizations and enterprises participated with various events such as ...
43 CCL Contents of Nonprofit Organization Are Available on the National Assembly Digital Library imagefile [3]
15491 2013-11-13
 On November 11st Monday, the 6 of the following organizations signed the MOU(Memorandum of Understanding) about "Knowledge Sharing and Mutual Coportation" at the National Assembly Library: the Natio...
42 September 2013 CC Salon "The Hidden Power of Data is in Sharing" image [1]
21130 2013-10-11
CC Korea conducted September CC Salon in Seoul as an occasion for knowing more about data sharing. We have invited Yoon-won Choi from Newstapa Data Journalism Lab and Hyung-Kyu Ryu from Mania DB. Newstapa ...
41 CC10Musicians Mobile App Now Available in Android image [109]
44920 2013-05-13
Thank you for your patience, Android users. CC10Musicians mobile app is finally available in Android now! Check out the Google Play link here: Download Download, enjoy, and share it with your friends! For...
40 South Korea: Public Interest in Internet Governance Issues Rekindled by Jae Yeon Kim image [18]
157127 2013-01-10
On January 3, 2013, Creative Commons Korea,Korea Association for Information Law [ko] (a Creative Commons project lead by Jay Yoon, a presiding judge at the Seoul Northern District Court), and Haja Center (an...
39 Discover the Coolest CC Musicians! The "CC10Musicians" Mobile App imagefile [94]
82138 2012-12-12
The "CC10Musicians" app is now available on iTunes App Store! Click the button below for iTunes download link: Creative Commons turns 10 years old this month. CC Affiliates from all over the world are c...
38 Preface of Lawrence Lessig's book "The Future of Ideas" by Jay Yoon image [122]
158762 2012-08-08
In this steamy hot Summer in Korea, CC Korea volunteers are studying Lessig’s book The Future of Ideas every Sunday. This book has been around for ten years by now, but the insight is still valid. In fact, ...
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